Leather top writing desk

Leather colours K Restorations offer a wide range of colours to choose from, or use our colour matching service to ensure a close match. What do you need to know. Marble, granite, or travertine tops are felt lined on the bottom so the top will not damage the finished case top.

History of the Desk Illustrations of desks first appeared in medieval times and appear to have been made and used for the purpose of reading and writing. This collection caters to the modern lifestyle with plenty of storage and customizable options, but appeals to traditional design sensibilities.

It tools well, looks good and costs the least. Replacement leather desktops Replacing leather desktops relates to an existing piece of furniture with a leather desktop which has become worn and you wish to replace. So you need a new, or replacement leather for your desk.

Practically Picture Perfect Delivery Enjoy the video below, illustrating our exclusive and thoughtful delivery process: Not too much, thankfully. Cowhide leathers Cowhide leather is suited to larger and more expensive tables or desks.

We've thoughtfully priced our furniture to be fair, competitive and assist us in our mission for the universal pursuit of happiness. After tossing back and forth on how to finish the chair I decided to stain it to match the leather top of the desk.

This insures the product is exactly what you expected, free of any damage or defects. A relatively dark and rich shade of blue. On delivery day the hardworking delivery gentlemen will give you a 30 minute pre-call.

Burr Maple Leather Top Writing Desk

Skiver is the first and most popular choice. You may possibly find some unique vintage roll top desks that are equally attractive. Welcome to this elite status at our store… and thank you. The average size of a skiver is between 12 and 16 square feet.

Early desks were often very large and heavy, the structure was big to allow for space when copying books by hand. Doing this creates a softer distressing along the edges. Should you have any particular need, such as a sooner or later delivery, we ask that you call us or indicate your needs in the notes of your order.

The leather top is lightly sanded using a fine grit piece of sandpaper and then wiped clean with a damp sponge. This is reflected in the price of Cowhide leather, as it is more expensive than Skiver leather. It's the Travilion mission that your experience with us results in an overwhelming smile on not just your face, but all the lives that your orders touches along the way.

Instead we utilise our own workshop to cut, dye and finish the leathers to your exact specification. It is leather and is supple and accepts gold or plain embossed tooling very well.

Did you know that you can enhance the interior design of your home or business with the quality, look, feel and beautiful detail of hand crafted leathers. Discover the beauty of an antique furniture piece featuring a custom inlaid leather surface accented with 23 karat gold.

Skiver leathers Skiver leather is suited to smaller and less expensive tables or desks and is the more common choice of leather. Prior to delivery you will receive a call to schedule the date and time. Also of note is an antique desk with its original leather writing surface, these surfaces are a rarity and are in demand by antique collectors.

We will have it finished and back to you usually within 10 business days. The first choice is do you want a hide or skiver. A rich colour with tint of black. One coat was okay but still a bit too light and uneven. As a silver member you enjoy free shipping nationwide.

The choice is simple. Antique Leathers will even send you a complete set of instructions on how to prepare the inlaid surface yourself. Century Furniture search results for Writing Desks.

N3E Seven Drawer Desk With Black Leather Top (Picture of a N3E). Writing Table Antique Writing Desk Antique Desk French Furniture Fine Furniture Table Furniture Furniture Design Antique Furniture Meuble Boulle Forward Transformative Furniture French dressing and writing table by Jean-François Oeben or Jean-François Leleu; in the Wallace Collection, London.

Antique Leathers will even send you a complete set of instructions on how to prepare the inlaid surface yourself. If you are uncomfortable with laying or replacing the leather surface yourself you can always send your desk, table or other treasured antique piece to us via United Parcel Service.

Jul 09,  · Writing Desk Twin Pedestal 9 Drawer Green Leather Top Quality Clean item. Leather for writing desk top.

Refinishing an Old Leather Table Top

We now have ads for Leather for writing desk top under home & garden. Beautiful Antique leather top writing / library Desk with 3 drawers at the top, underneath at each side a cabinet.

The desk has a brown leather top, there are £ 7. cwiextraction.com Desk Top Leather Place Desk Top Order Now Installation Instructions The “Leather on Top” Desk Top program is a 15 year proven formula that is considered the paramount of the Desk Top leather market.

Leather top writing desk
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