Car rental industry pest analysis

Vehicles selling in the international market are subject to laws related to product quality and safety. Economic factors changes include the health of the economy, how likely people are to be able to afford property, and changes such as the rate of interest rates, currency exchange rate.

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Many middle class Californians are doing just that. The automobile rapidly became a symbol of social status, and in some cases, a fashion item. PEST is used as a tool; it concentrates on the Political, Economical, Social and Technological factors of the business or organization.

All newly produced cars must comply and stick to EU vehicle emission standards and regulations, known as Euro Standards. According to Patterson [8], vehicle downsizing, redesign for weight efficiency and material substitution would become three major strategies to reduce the weight of car products.

Here Japanese auto companies were leading all over the world with their advanced lean manufacturing technology and JIT Just-in-time in s.

Political factors changes involve government rules such as on planning.

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A car rental company rents and leases vehicles for a particular period of time for a specified amount of fees. How about finding a roomie or moving in with mama and papa.

Gadgets such as GPS and music systems are being used increasingly for profitability. Travelers across the globe are demanding high quality and reliable travel services for their tours. The time can range from a few hours to a few months. Every piece of research simply shows that people are being pushed into spending more money on housing.

There have been similar cases in the past putting passenger safety under question. This is boom and bust central. Domestic Japanese car sales are downing and the prognosis for a big turnaround is not obvious.

The motor trade always changes in demand and productions have sizable effects, not just on the industry but on the many different supply chain of business and economic activity in areas where care production is concerned. Influences of political factors on car industry 1 WTO and China [3] Since I come from China, the Chinese auto industry is more familiar for me to investigate.

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Once the new elected president who supports to increase government spending on roads wins on voting, whole auto industry in this country could have a brilliant future. Not only was the ownership of an automobile demonstrative of a certain level of income and prestige and still is, especially in poorer nations where the automobile isn't ubiquitous, it is also highly visible.

Car industry makers nearly 60 million cars a year, and employs millions of people around the world. Among these new technologies, the trend in terms of improved fuel consumption and emissions reduction has become more focused.

Automotive Industry PESTEL

Another option is simply living in flat out poverty. Political factors of the car industry: However, the fluctuation of oil price will restrict the growth of this market. The growing price of petrol and gasoline will affect the consumer spending level and this expected to act as a challenge.

In contrast, American companies keep the product the same and cut the price taking the margins out of the car. The strengthening position of the medical tourism industry will drive the Asia Pacific market for car rentals during the period from to You can drive around any lower income neighborhood and you will see multiple cars parked in front reflecting this dynamic of multiple income streams under one roof.

Over the last ten years the large gain in California households has come in the form of rentals. Players in the market are concentrating on broadening their fleet size by including technical gadgets. Maybe you find living with roommates deep into your 30s and 40s as awesome or maybe you enjoy living a Spartan lifestyle just so you can pay your monthly rent while hearing helicopters overhead in your hipster neighborhood.

Large division of income becomes an inevitable social phenomenon. Social factors changes include changing lifestyles and attitudes in population trends.

Political factors highlight the main law and regulations, security measures and restrictions that can apply to the entire industry itself.

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Apart from the manufacturing of vehicles globally, this sector is also involved in the marketing and sales of automotives. The increasing number of air travelers is also positively impacting the growth of this market.

Also, reflect on the changes you think will happen in the years to come. Changing government regimes as well political regulation of the market can from time to time cause favorable or unfavorable fluctuations. Entering the WTO may lower the prices of products used in the automotive industry. Let us look at three trends impacting the rental market in California.

Thus, this factor creates the need for green energy generation, in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and overall environmental pollution. Car hire excess and hidden fees. Hidden fees such as excess insurance are one of the biggest troubles travellers have with car hire.

The results of the PEST analysis are very useful for gathering the different benefits and opportunities the business itself has. Political factors of the car industry: Political factors highlight the main law and regulations, security measures and restrictions that can apply to the entire industry itself.

Find great small businesses around the corner and across the country or become one of the 1, small businesses that will join our community today. PEST analysis stands for "Political, Economic, Social, and Technological analysis" and describes a framework of macroenvironmental factors used in the environmental scanning.

Below an example for a car rental company in a country in the American continent, outside Brazil and USA. Maybe you figured out that PEST Analysis can vary from business and strategic planning, marketing planning, depending also of the product and service of your portfolio, therefore you can reduce or increase the list of items for each factor.

California like the rest of nation has gained a large number of rental households. Many of these households were formed from the ashes of the 1 million completed foreclosures.

Car rental industry pest analysis
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